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The XX Files is the Studio’s aural-satellite, a weekly radio show exploring all aspects of our techno-world from the perspective of women living it. Tune in to CKUT 90.3FM every Wednesday from 11h30 to noon, and hear diverse, compelling feminist perspectives on art, technology and societyon CKUT 90.3 FM, listen online at ckut.ca or download the podcasts here: http://ckut.ca/c/en/oldgrid/wednesday,11:30

Created by Deborah VanSlet and Kathy Kennedy, the XX Files first aired in 1996. Valérie d. Walker (aka Val TeQuiiGal) joined the show in 1997, and has kept it on the leading edge of Techno-Feminist radio for almost 2 decades!

Producing, tech'ing the deck & hosting every Wednesday, Val has collaborated with a number of amazing co-hosts over the years, who've all gone on to impressive projects. Anita Cotic, joined in 1998, leaving after many years to produce events at TIFF in Toronto. Independant artist Bee-Woo, produced for a few years, as well as Britt Wray, who headed to CBC.

In 2011, Maia Iotzova brought a video-artist's audio perspective, and in 2013 Maya Richman dropped in before heading to Berlin's open source community. In 2014, XX Files welcomed a new generation of multicultural, bilingual women to the airwaves for a collective aural illumination.  

Nnedimma Nnebe has recently taken the hosting lead while finishing her graduate thesis. Stéphanie Dufresne and Amanda-É. Clément shared the airwaves with HTMlles artists.

Vicki Lee joined in 2015, adding a hiphop beat to the diverse, innovative, spoken word power of The XX Files radio show. In 2016, Val moves to Vancouver, becoming a web-based reportress. Nnedimma Nnebe will work to expand the on-air team, send broadcasts to SoundCloud, and add online transcripts for our non-hearing audience.

The current team is comprised of Valérie d. Walker, Nnedimma Nnebe, and Vicki Lee. Julia Dyck will join the show in June 2016, bringing her audio perspective to the XX Files.

The XX Files is part of CKUT’s HERSAY collective & always open to new people who want to join the team and contribute to our cutting edge programming. Interested? Contact us at: xxfilesradio(at)gmail(dot)com (Yes, Sculley is listening!)

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Past Shows

  • 1
    2016-10-05 11:30
    Special guest Paloma Dawkins speaks about animation and game-making and her personal learning and practice.
  • 2
    2016-09-28 11:30
    This week's XX Files features discussions upcoming events in Montreal, including HTMlles festival and the artists exploring self-image in it.
  • 3
    2016-09-21 11:30
    Amanda is on the show this week to talk about Pop Montreal and women-identified musicians involved with the festival.
  • 4
    2016-09-14 11:30
    A re-run of a Donna Haraway talk.
  • 5
    2016-09-07 11:30
    The XX Files chats with Malek of Sisters in Motion, a writing and poetry showcase by Black, Indigenous & Racialized Women and Femmes.
  • 6
    2016-08-31 11:30
    The XX Files discusses the burkini ban and the broader context of the policing of women's bodies.
  • 7
    2016-08-24 11:30
    Discussions on the concept of utopia and how it relates to artist run centres.
  • 8
    2016-08-17 11:30
    An interview with Unicole, a 'pop star cult leader and digital salvationist, or spiritual transhumanist'.
  • 9
    2016-08-10 11:30
    A re-run of an interview with Hera Chan on diasporic storytelling.
  • 10
    2016-08-03 11:30
    A re-run of Justin Doucet's interview with Pascale Navarro.